Selma van der Heiden 

De basis van mijn coaching en trainingen maakt dat je weer lichter en krachtiger voorwaarts kunt gaan. Zo breng ik vastgelopen managers en medewerkers weer in beweging naar het optimaal benutten van de eigen talenten en kwaliteiten. Zo is er meer-waarde voor jezelf, elkaar, de organisatie en de klant.

The basis of my coaching and training sessions brings the ability and drive to go forward with more strength and awareness. I get managers and employees who are tired from being stuck, moving again towards the optimal use of their own talents and qualities. The effect is more added value for yourself, each other, the organization and the customer.


How do you ensure more team cohesion & exchange in your organization? I guide teams by providing language for feedback exchange and insight into their own team's strengths and weaknesses. More implementation power is created by introducing the organizational strategy and having the 'how' questions worked out for each team. In this way you tap into your innovative strength and collective intelligence and you get people involved in your strategic course.

With over 15 years of HR Business partner and 10 years of coaching experience, I have become very familiar with organizational dynamics and the hassle in collaboration. You can solve problems with yourself, in relationships with others, and in teams and organizations.
Training courses that have enriched me: HBO P&A supplemented with Business Administration at Nyenrode, Inspiration Coach, certified Management Drives & Spiral Dynamics Coach & Trainer, Family Constellations & Systemic Work.

I like to get out of bed to help people & teams in strength, while also being able to continuously develop myself.

Sometimes you come to a point in your life where the beliefs and patterns on which you built the old, no longer serve you in the now. Then you get stuck. That's how I got stuck in my life and work. I started investigating what made me get stuck. Through family constellations and systemic work I was able to uncover, sense and transform obstructive thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that I had adopted from my family of origin. Only when you gain insight in this can you start to use your potential more fully. The result is more connection with yourself and the world around you.

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